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We will use essential oils and carrier oils blended just for you and give you a therapeutic massage, and a sound vibration treatment, using Japanese singing bowls called Singing Ring®. With this treatment package, you will feel physically healed, rejuvenated and refreshed like never before!.....More Details

Meditation Events

We invite you to our very special Sound Healing Concert and meditation sessions where you will hear a variety of sound healing instruments, including Japanese singing bowls, Australian Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Irish Harp and some percussion instruments.....More Details

Music Concerts

We perform classical music that combines operatic voice, piano, harp and flute etc. We visit aged care centres, festivals, events, wedding and carol concerts, and sometimes we hold opera & Japanese concerts.....More Details

About Sound Healing Spa

Escape from busy everyday life.
We will welcome you to Sound Healing Spa.
Our healing sound frequency will resonate your body cells, and detox, balance, and soothe your body, and spirit.
Sound vibration will take you to a new healing journey by variety of spa treatments, including Remedial massage, Organic facial, microdermabrasion using organic products and 100% pure essential oils. Our treatment is Holistic and Organic, no chemical use except gel nail polish. Natural treatment will heal your body and refresh you to be a new person!!

You can experience our regular sound healing meditation concerts, and classical music concert too.

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