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Welcome to Sound Healing Spa!

We will take you on a journey of bathing in harmonic overtones, and heal your body and mind with the power of sound vibration.


In the massage and beauty spa section, we will use essential oils and carrier oils blended just for you and give you a therapeutic massage (remedial massage covered by private health insurance), and a sound vibration treatment, using Japanese singing bowls called Singing Ring®. With this treatment package, you will feel physically healed, rejuvenated and refreshed like never before!
We have organic facials, microdermabrasion combined with sound therapy, without the use of chemical products, so you will be rejuvenated and your skin will be refreshed.

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Sound Healing Meditation Events

We invite you to our very special Sound Healing Concert and meditation sessions where you will hear a variety of sound healing instruments.

The earthy and beautiful harmonic overtones of Irish harp, Native American Flute, and Magical Japanese Singing Bowls ( Singing Ring®︎ ) and voice will bring you to a deep relaxing, meditative state ( theta and alpha brain states), releasing unwanted energy and balance your body, mind and spirit.

We can provide a private session for 4 to 6 people at the observatory deck which has breathtaking views at Sunset Heaven, Sound Healing Spa at Mount Tamborine.
We will be serving Japanese Matcha tea and sweets after or before.
Please come and try this wonderful opportunity for your birthday or anniversary or girls getaway.

Bookings must be made in groups of 4-6, for a price of $65 plus GST per person.

The session will last for a total of 2 hours, which will include the following:

– Introduction
– Tea time
– 1 hour of sound healing music session
Please come and try this wonderful opportunity.

Meditation Events Schedule

Music Concerts

At the music concert, we perform classical music that combines operatic voice, piano, Irish harp etc. We visit aged care centres, festivals, events, wedding and carol concerts, and sometimes we hold opera & Japanese concerts.
We perform concerts for both volunteering and profit purposes.

Music Concerts Schedule

Although it may seem like these activities are all different, the common thread that runs through the three are the importance of vibration, and the resonance of sound.
Vibration of such sound can cleanse not only the atmosphere of your surroundings, but your body. We will take you through a journey of total relaxation.



Our goal is to nourish and nurture your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing through a holistic approach, using 100% pure essential oils and carrier oils, and organic products only for facials.

Physical pain is remedied by a therapeutic remedial massage with 100% pure essential oils individually blended for each client and sound vibration therapy using Japanese singing bowls called Singing Ring®. The oils will be selected and blended based on the main emotions expressed by the client during the consultation, as well as their physical concerns.

We also use organic products for facials choosing to suit each client’s skin type. We don’t use chemical products. Microdermabrasion is non surgical, no chemical products used.

After our unique treatment, you will be stress free, detoxed, relaxed, soothed, have alleviated pain and be full of energy. It will make you feel balanced, happy and confident!




Emi is an Australian certified remedial massage therapist and also an Australian certified aromatherapist who is a health fund provider as an ANTA member.

She completed a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, and has been working at a hotel spa and retreat spa as a remedial massage therapist, an aromatherapist as well as a beauty therapist.

As a graduate of the Singing Ring® Advanced course in 2016 in Japan and Singing Ring® Player course in 2017 in Japan, and completed Sound Vibration Therapy course in 2016 Australia.
She provides a unique therapy: a full 2 hours body therapy with Singing Ring® Sound vibration therapy and Remedial massage therapy using blended essential oils specially selected for each client.
The sound waves of the Singing ring® will reverberate through each individual’s body and rejuvenate their body cells. It will replenish their body, mind and spirit.

Emi is also a classical music lover and an amateur opera singer, who keeps her busy schedule performing at multicultural events, aged care centres, music clubs etc.

Please enjoy her unique treatment combining her healing hands and Singing Ring®.


Emi Yoshida