[Cancelled]Singing Bowl Meditation & Sound Healing Concert 23/05/2020 Gold Coast

Event Details

Unfortunately we have decided to cancel this event due to corona virus.

Be late happy new year!!
This will be the first sound healing meditation in 2020!!
We will invite you to experience bathing in the sound of Harmonic overtones of Australian Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Voice and Singing Bowls from Japan called Singing Ring®.
We will be playing with regular members including Luke (Didgeridoo and Native American Flute player) who plays at various music festivals etc. His impromptu music and Magical Japanese singing bowls’ sound will touch your heart and heal your body and mind. Our sound meditation is very unique.
Your brain waves will be in Theta and Alpha wave which is in the stage of relaxing and meditation in short time. And it will help soothing, detoxing, cleansing and release unnecessary energy from your body, mind and spirit. We will place Singing bowls on your body during a session, so that you will feel the sound vibration directly which is very rare experience. You will feel balanced and energised afterwards and feel the energy of universe.
Please try our new experience!!

This is the demo video.

We will be holding a New Sound Healing Yoga from 22nd Feburuay held every 2 months, as well as a new Sound Healing Mediation from the 28th of March of 2020 for every 2 months until the November of 2020, alternating between the two sessions on a monthly basis. These sessions will always be held on the foruth Saturday of each month.


Regular Artists

Didgeridoo / Native American Flute : Luke McCarthy
Singing Ring® / Voice : Emi Yoshida
Singing Ring® : Yukiyo Copley / (Michael Deanshaw)

Sometimes we will invite guest artists.

What to Bring

– Comfortable clothing (Prefer no buttons or zipper on the front as we place Singing Ring® on your stomach during the event.)
– Yoga mat or sleeping bag (something soft recommended), pillow, eye pillow, cushion, blanket etc.

Admission Fee

$25 / Early Bird Single Ticket (Available till 2 weeks prior, selling online)
$30 / Single Ticket (You can buy online or at door on the day)
$55/ Pair Ticket for 2 (only selling online)
$75/ Triple Ticket for 3 (only selling online)
$115/ 5 Tickets for 5 or 5 times for you for Sound Healig Meditation or Yoga in 2020. (Only selling online)

*Tea & biscuits included.
*Tickets are also available at the door for $30 per Single ticket only.
But you need to inform by text or email, full names of each attendees in advance.


Door Open 6:15pm
We can serve Crown Chakra healing for prior to the first time guests.

Explanation start 6:30pm, so please be seated by 6:30pm

Sound Healing Meditation 6:45-7:45 pm (1 hour)

Tea Time 7:50 – 8:20pm

Relaxing time at the lounge area after meditation.
Please stay and make friends with like-minded people 🙂


“Mudgeeraba Foundation Centre”
7 school Street, Mudgeeraba
Gold Coast, QLD

Artist Profiles

Luke McCarthy

Didgeridoo & Native American Flute Player

He is amulti-instrumentalist with a love for meditation and relaxation.
It was only natural over the year to see him hosting and being called upon for sound healing events.
Over the years Luke has performed for some of the most world-renowned lifestyle music festivals, including Rainbow Serpent (VIC), and Island Vibes Festival (QLD).
Some of Luke’s favorite instrumental tools for sonic healing include a collection of world flutes and also the yidaki commonly known as the didgeridoo.
He plays American native flute and didgeridoo in our sound healing meditation.
His impromptu music from his heart will touch your heart and heal your body and mind.

Emi Yoshida

Emi is a certified remedial massage therapist and aromatherapist who is a health fund pro-vider as an ANTA member.
Completed the Singing Ring® Advanced course in 2016, and Singing Ring® Player course in 2017.
She provides the unique therapy: a full 2 hours of body therapy with Singing Ring® sound vibration therapy and remedial massage therapy using blended essential oils selected only for you.
The sound waves of the Singing Ring® will reverberate through your body and rejuvenate your body cells. It will replenish body, mind and spirit.
Emi is also a classical music lover and an amateur opera singer, who keeps her busy sledge performing at multicultural events, aged care centres, music clubs etc.
Please enjoy the unique healing vibration combining Singing Ring® and her beautiful voice.

Yukiyo Copley

She completed Singing Ring® Advanced Therapist Course in October 2016. It was a long journey since the first time she experienced Singing Ring® therapy in 2010. She felt warmth and connected to the mother Earth and as well as the father sky.
She has been wanting to become a therapist after she got her first therapy. She will offer Singing Ring® sound therapy full body session from April 2019.
She runs Japanese cooking class, miso and koji making workshop.
She will start mindfulness cooking class with harmonic sound from April.

Check out her homepage for details.

Michael Deanshaw

Since feeling the profound frequencies of Singing Ring® and becoming a certified Student Practitioner (Intermediate Seminar Graduate July 2018), Michael has chosen a sound path to propagate life regenerating harmonics through everyone who happens to be near.
His awareness of higher spiritual realms was nurtured by good souls from youth and over many years has sort deeper knowledge of Self and Universe from a wide variety of esoteric discourses as well as accredited science and engineering studies.
Also an accomplished music composer/performer and self proclaimed ‘frequency enthusiast’, his unique bilateral way of thinking and open heartedness in the moment promotes joy and well-being.
Michael currently facilitates sound healing meditations and provides full body relaxation sessions with Singing Ring® via Supersonic Harmonics.


If you would like to join, please purchase your ticket or reply by text to 0410330772 (Emi)

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