Singing Bowl Meditation & Sound Healing Yoga 22/06/2019 Gold Coast

Event Details

We will invite you to experience our new Sound Healing Yoga.
Enjoy a meditative state with Yoga, Mantra and Singing Ring®.
You will free your body and mind with Yoga Asana poses which help restore the energy inside your body.
And also use various modalities for revitalizing your body, mind and spirit.
This Yoga is slow pased and meditative, focused on belly breathing.
Sound vibration of Singing Ring® and universal mantras will help soothing, detoxing, cleansing and help release unnecessary energy from your body, mind and spirit.
You will feel balanced and energized afterwards and feel the energy of universe.

Please try our new experience!!


Regular Artists

Yoga instructor/ Voice: U-suke Komiya
Singing Ring® / Voice : Emi Yoshida
Singing Ring® : Yukiyo Copley

What to Bring

– Comfortable clothing (Prefer no buttons or zipper on the front as we place Singing Ring® on your stomach during the event.)
– Yoga mat and bath towel or blanket etc.

Admission Fee

$25 / Single Ticket
$46/ Pair Ticket (for 2 people)
$66 / Triple Ticket (for 3 people)
$110 / 5 Tickets (for 5 people)
$110 / 5 Tickets (Valid until 23 Nov 2019. You can’t share with other people.)

*Tea & biscuits included
*Tickets are also available at the door.
*Please keep your children under your supervision. We would not recommend for children under 10.


6:15pm Open Hall
While waiting, we serve crown healing for mainly for the first time people.

6:30pm Explanation starts Please seated by 6:30pm

6:45pm Sharp Yoga start

7:45pm Tea Time

Relaxing time at the lounge area after yoga.
Please stay and make friends with like-minded people 🙂

8:20pm Approximate ending time


“Mudgeeraba Foundation Centre”
7 school Street, Mudgeeraba
Gold Coast, QLD

Artist Profiles

Yusuke Komiya

Born in Japan.
Practicing various meditation since young age.
He has been a Yoga teacher and has been teaching Yoga for 3 years since the extend study in India. He also teaches various meditation methods taught from Japanese Buddhist Monk.
This practice is changing his life.
He is an Australian Certified Remedial Massage Therapist.

Emi Yoshida

Emi is a certified remedial massage therapist and aromatherapist who is a health fund pro-vider as an ANTA member.
Completed the Singing Ring® Advanced course in 2016, and Singing Ring® Player course in 2017.
She provides the unique therapy: a full 2 hours of body therapy with Singing Ring® sound vibration therapy and remedial massage therapy using blended essential oils selected only for you.
The sound waves of the Singing Ring® will reverberate through your body and rejuvenate your body cells. It will replenish body, mind and spirit.
Emi is also a classical music lover and an amateur opera singer, who keeps her busy sledge performing at multicultural events, aged care centres, music clubs etc.
Please enjoy the unique healing vibration combining Singing Ring® and her beautiful voice.

Yukiyo Copley

She completed Singing Ring® Advanced Therapist Course in October 2016. It was a long journey since the first time she experienced Singing Ring® therapy in 2010. She felt warmth and connected to the mother Earth and as well as the father sky.
She has been wanting to become a therapist after she got her first therapy. She will offer Singing Ring® sound therapy full body session from April 2019.
She runs Japanese cooking class, miso and koji making workshop.
She will start mindfulness cooking class with harmonic sound from April.

Check out her homepage for details.

If you would like to join, please purchase your ticket or reply by text to 0410330772 (Emi)

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