Suzuki Carol Concerts

Event Details

Somerset College Suzuki strings group visit a few aged care centres and aged day care centre in one day and perform Suzuki strings repertories from book 1 to book 4 and also some violin solos of above book 4, Emi plays the piano accompany and also Yumi and Emi will sing Christmas Carols at the end.
3 concerts in one day, the most busiest day in the year, but our heart is very warm to see aged people’s happy faces and tears.


Yumi Lewis : Soprano
Emi Yoshida: Mezzo Soprano

Artist Profiles

Yumi Lewis : Soprano

Bachelor of Education in Japan/ Major in Education Minor in Music-voice at Tokyo Gakugei university. She has been playing the piano since childhood and singing for many years. She played Jazz ( trumpet ) for a few years. On the Gold Coast, sang at Japanese charity events, Japan and friend’s day and also multicultural festivals, annual Suzuki carols at re-tirement villages with Emi. Joined an Opera Australia presents
“Opera on the beach” as a community choir member in 2014.

Emi Yoshida : Mezzo Soprano

Lover of music, singer and piano accompanist to Suzuki carol concerts.
Emi has been taking opera singing lessons privately from international opera singers for the last 8 years.
Originally started to take singing lessons to help her recover from breast cancer and to heal herself. Now uses her singing talent to heal other people.
Sang at Japanese festivals, multicultural events, Italian Day Care Centre, many aged care centres, and carol concerts.
Organised and jointly sang with Yumi in duet several times in the past. For example, the Japanese and Opera Charity Gala Concert in 2015 at Somerset College which was very successful and the money raised was donated to the Education Society in Fukushima.
Her warm and powerful voice has healing qualities.