What is Singing Ring®?

Singing Ring® is an instrument which produce a harmonious sound with abundance of har-monica overtones.
The sound contains a vast range of frequencies and it influences not only human bodies, but also various things in the world.
People who have experienced the harmonic overtones of Singing Ring® report that the sounds promoted relaxation and bring about their best balance state.
This is because the sounds affect our brainwaves to shift from beta waves to alfa or theta waves, even in the frontal lobe area of the brain.

This harmonious, therapeutic sound of Singing Ring® is currently spreading world wide.

*A harmonic overtone is a part of the harmonic series that is an integer multiple of the fun-damental frequency.


Harmonic Sound Therapy

We have developed our original therapy using multiple Singing Rings®.
The sound and vibration surround you and they sink into the body giving a joyous and wonderful sensation.

The effect of Harmonic Sound Therapy®

Easy, Loosen, Condition, and Relax your body and mind.


The characteristics of Singing Ring®

  • Long and rich tone with Full Harmonic Overtones and resonance.
  • Delicate vibration and sound created from uniquely combined alloy.
  • Precise tuning creates Harmonic Sound Resonance.
  • Produced by Japanese traditional craftsmanship including glazing and burning of Urushi Lacquer.
  • Tuned equally from all directions by craftsman.


The Harmonic Sound Resonance

Is the phenomenon of resonance. All Singing Rings® of both kinds are tuned equally, there-fore the rare phenomenon of resonance occurs.
When one Singing Ring® is played, other Singing Rings® of the same type starts to ring.
This phenomenon creates a unique environment of sound.


Singing Ring® is the most suitable for relaxation

Lying face down and feeling the Singing Ring® sound with the entire body, or being placed inside a resonant sound space, people experience the most relaxing and meditative state.


The Symbol of Harmony

When Singing Ring® is played in circular motion with water inside, a hexagram appears and circulates on the surface of water. This six-pointed star, is the fusion of an upward triangle, the symbol of rising energy, and a downward triangle, the symbol of descending energy. It represents the universal principles of harmony. There are two types of Singing Rings®. Large “ Uchu” which represents the universe and small “Daichi” which represents the Earth.



Creator of Singing Ring®

Sion Kazu

Founder of Sion Inc.
Executive director of Singing Ring association
Psychological consultant

The sound of Singing Ring® improves our natural healing, process and activates the cells of our bodies. It also makes everything resonate with each other in harmony. I believe that the miraculous Full Harmonic Overtones and Harmonic Sound Resonance of Singing Rings® will bring love and peace to the world. I Hope your encounter with the Singing Ring® will guide you to a joyful and peaceful future.

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